fitnesse4idea is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 6 that aims to integrate FitNesse testing and java development through a set of integrated IDE tools.

The Fitnesse Acceptance Testing Framework( is a framework to integrate tester, business analyst, and developer concerns in testing. This plugin will provide ease of use for developers needing to integrate into their development tasks the development of Fitnesse tests and fixtures.

there is a mailing list for feature requests, bugs, and other comments. [Goto Yahoo Groups]


highlighting settings

configure syntax highlighting

wiki editing

editing wiki content

server configuration

Fitnesse Server Configuration

Features at a Glance

Here are the features that fitnesse4idea will provide. Some are already available as part of the current beta release.

Feature Description

Syntax highlighting

The plugin provides fully configurable syntax highlighting for FitNesse wiki markup.

STATUS: In Beta. Still needs improvement to cover all possible highlighting situations. I would also like to provide inspections that can provide syntax clean-ups and improvements.

Starting and Stopping of the server

Creating server configurations is completely integrated within IDEA's run configurations. This way there can be multiple fitnesse configurations for every project. This way start-up parameters can be configured specifically for each project.

STATUS: In Beta. full access to all the start-up parameters missing.

Java-to-Wiki and Wiki-to-Java Navigation

Just like in any IDE one can navigate from a caller method to a callee method it is possible to navigate to the navigate to fixture code from a test page. It is also possible to navigate to to any test page that uses fixture code


Table and Fixture stubbing

When stubbing out new test pages you can quickly template out tables for existing fixtures found in the classpath. Or alternatly when a new fixture is defined by a new table signature a corresponding java fixture can be created